Monday, October 6, 2008

Gone, Baby, Gone

Okay, I swear the Loving family is not as granola and green as we might sound. Not that there is anything wrong with being granola or green, but I just don't want to sound like I think I'm doing anything huge for the environment when, in fact, I don't deserve that much credit.

Anyways, that said, we made the decision to ditch my favorite kitchen appliance this weekend. It's taken me a few months to finally do it and I'm a little scared to see whether we can make it without it. But, folks, we did it. We axed the microwave.

To be honest, it always kind of creeped me out. My relationship with the microwave was always love/hate. I love the convenience. I hate the idea that I am doing some horrible damage to my family's health by microwaving every thing they eat.

And, in the end, it was some ridiculously funky smell inside that finally pushed me over the edge. I suspect I microwaved one too many bowls of spaghetti-o's and that's what accounts for the smell. Though, with my kids, there could be a million reasons for a mysterious smell to appear in my microwave.

Either way, it's gone. Well, gone to the basement (just in case I change my mind). And other than a meat thawing conundrum we had this weekend, we haven't missed it all that much.

Did you know you can heat spaghetti-o's on the stove? Amazing!

So, how about you guys? Anyone get rid of a modern household convenience that they discovered they didn't need so much after all?


Crayl said...

We still have ours, but we barely use it. I do heat water in it if I am in a hurry. If it died we wouldn't replace it. Meat thawing would be an issue, just more planning ahead I suppose would solve that...sigh...:)

Katie said...

We lived without a microwave for a year and a half, and then some friends gave us one because they were concerned that we didn't have one. The only thing I missed was microwave popcorn. We popped on the stove, but it's a lot more to clean up, and you know hoe I feel about cleaning up : )

Anonymous said...


Our over-the-range microwave has been dead since August. We have a spare in the basement that we've used maybe twice a week? The only real pain was Savannah's bottle. But we learned to just prepare it early, fill a cup int he sink with hot tap water and let it float in there for a while, reheating the water every now and then.

The ironic part is we just bought a new one this weekend!

Meaghan said...

Found ya through Mediocre and love your blog! Have a great week.


chanelireli said...

Wow! I am thoroughly impressed. I love the convenience of heating in less than a minute.