Monday, July 6, 2009


This weekend was one of those rare perfect weekends where time with friends and family have a way of reminding you just how blessed you are to have so many incredible people in your life.

I could write a whole post about how much we love our friends and how blessed we have been to be a part of many wonderful small group Bible studies. But, I won't because my friend, dewde, already said it better than I could.

Plus, he has an awesome video from this weekend to prove it.

Check out his post here. It makes me teary eyed every time...


Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder if all our girls will sit around a living room 30 years from now and watch one of these videos or look through old digital pics of themselves. Maybe even with little sons and daughters of their own.

I hope so.


Anonymous said...

and by "girls" I mean "and Traveler".

Sorry. Hard to get used to.