Friday, July 24, 2009

My Mom Box

I have dreams of being one of those moms who is prepared for anything. The mom who carries in her diaper bag every item she needs for any situation in which her kids need her. Changes of clothes, diapers, wipes, food, drinks, medicine, emergency sewing kit, etc. You know the type. Heck, you may even be the type. If you've spent more than 2 minutes on this blog, though, you know I'm not that type. I just can't ever seem to get it together that way.

But, I'm trying.

One of the things I've decided to keep with me is a "Mom Box." My goal with this box is to have everything I need for every bump, bruise, teething pain, and episode of colic. And my goal is to do it as naturally as possible.

So, behold the box.

The contents are:

Triaminic Decongestant Spray (for runny noses)
Florastor (for diarrhea and stomach upset)
Band-aids (Because I need those for my kids daily)
Neosporin (see above)
Saline nose drops
Hyland's Bumps & Bruises Ointment

And then the homeopathic medicines from Hyland's:

Aconitum Napellus (colds & fevers)
Arnica Montana (bruising & muscle soreness)
Belladonna (fevers & inflammations)
Chamomilla (teething & irritability)
Ferrum Phosphoricum (fevers & inflammations)
Hepar Sulph. C. (cough & runny nose)

And let me say something about these Hyland's tablets if you're unfamiliar with them. (I swear this is not a sponsored post!) I have used the teething tablets with all my kids and they work miracles. Seriously.

So, I thought maybe their other remedies would work too. And they really, really do. Don't get me wrong. I haven't totally abandoned conventional medicine. But, if I can try a homeopathic remedy first I will. I just feel better about putting something a bit more natural in our bodies as a first choice.

These things are awesome. I've used them with all the kids for a variety of problems and I've had better success than with more traditional medicines in most cases. The Chamomilla soothes Trav better than Tylenol or Orajel ever has. The Aconite has relieved his colic & gas pains better than Mylicon has been able to. Plus, they can be used by grown-ups, too.

I am in love with this kit. And I love having just one little kit that gets me a step closer to being that mom who is prepared for everything and anything. Even if I do end up forgetting diapers & wipes nearly every time we leave the house.

So, what about you? What tricks do you have to help you stay prepared for the unexpected?

(Oh, and BTW, this Mom Box is in the $1.96 pencil box I bought at Wal-mart. Think it was worth all the trouble?)


Eli's Lids said...

Great idea!! And I love love love your header :)

Brenda said...

I did a similar thing that I call the medical bucket. But as time goes on things have gotten taken across the house and not put back up where they go. We still have most things in the bucket but there are some upstairs now.

mama hall said...

Brilliant! Do you carry it with you, or is it an at-home box?

Land of Lovings said...

Thanks! It is small enough for me to carry with me in my diaper bag just in case I need it while we're out and about. It has already come in handy in quite a few situations!

kellymac said...

I'm going to get some of those teething tablets today. Your travel placemat recommendation has been a godsend - you're my new go-to for baby supply info!

Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

I used the teething tablets with Aiden. They DID work miracles...for a few weeks. Then they just stopped working. I was so bummed! I haven't seen those other products....maybe online, I imagine? I'm currently taking Florastor myself, since I'm a heavy duty antibiotic. Here's hoping it works!!