Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kai-versations: This sad, small, lonely house.

We found a home for the chicks at the beginning of this week. And Kai was absolutely devastated. In all fairness, she was like their foster mom. She fed them every day. Made sure they had water. And diligently checked the temperature in their brooder to make sure they were warm enough. So, in a way, they were her babies.

But I just couldn't have them living in my dining room forever and we eventually had to find them a home. We ended up selling them to my college friend's grandfather (via Twitter) and she came to pick them up. Kai bravely put each chick in the box and said goodbye, but the moment they were out of the house she broke down in tears.

And by tears I mean hysterical gut-wrenching sobs. For an hour.

When I finally got her to calm down I asked her why she was so upset and she said, "Because without those baby chicks we're just a sad, small, lonely house now. We have nothing here to keep us company. All we've got is 3 kids, 12 chickens, a rooster and a dog!"

Ah, yes. That sounds lonely indeed.


Nicole T. said...

She makes me laugh! She looks so grown up in this picture!

Halie said...

I agree with Nicole, that was the first thing I thought, how grown up she looks!

Debra said...

Cutest little chick foster mom ever! :)