Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday: Things I don't mind buying generic

I'm totally into saving money lately. I use coupons, shop sales, and buy generic. There are some things I just refuse to buy generic (toilet paper and *ahem* Coca-Cola products) and some things that I've found are just as good whether it is generic or name brand. So, without further ado, here's my list of things that work just as good when you buy them generic.

1. Medicine - Whether they are generic over the counter meds, the $4 generics from store pharmacies or the deeply discounted drugs from Costco I've found that generic medicines work just as well and save me lots of $$$.

2. Pull-ups - (Notice I didn't say diapers.) I have a habit of trying generic diapers once per kid. With each of mine I've given generic baby diapers a shot and realized each time that they just aren't for me. Pull-ups on the other hand? Those I ONLY buy generic (unless by some miracle the others are cheaper) and I've never had a complaint.

3. Pantry Staples - Things like bread, butter, flour, sugar, cream cheese and other essentials always taste the same way to me whether they are generic or name brand.

4. Cleaning supplies - Though I mostly use my non-toxic Vinegar cleaning products, if the need for something more heavy duty arises I've found that in most cases the generic works just as well as any name brand.

5. Apple juice - There was a time when I would shell out big bucks for the special "baby" apple juice. I was convinced that my kid's couldn't drink regular apple juice. But have you ever looked at the ingredients? They are totally the same. The only difference? One is much harder on your wallet. So, generic it is for apple juice. Now, other juices (like V-8 Fusion!) are another story altogether...

6. Diaper & Toddler wipes - These go along with the pull-ups I guess, but I've never seen the point of paying extra for wipes when most store brands are just as good. With the exception of one gas station brand that felt so much like sandpaper that I had to throw them away, most store brand wipes work really well!

7. Cereal - Unless it is on sale or I have some great coupons I mostly buy the generic store brand cereal. The taste is identical and the only difference I've found is what's on the front of the box.

8. Canned & Frozen Vegetables - Unless I'm specifically seeking out organic I don't see the point. When you compare regular veggies, name brand vs. generic store brand I just don't see a difference.

9. Pregnancy tests - But, I've already told you all about that, right?

10. Anything from Target - Be it their Up & Up brand or Archer Farms, I almost always reach for the Target brand when shopping there. (That is unless it's toilet paper, baby diapers or Coca-Cola, of course!)

So, that's my list. Now, head over to Oh Amanda's for more Top Ten Tuesday fun!


Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Fun list! I totally agree on the toilet paper - I cannot buy generic for my bottom! I know that I do buy a lot more generics these days too.

Thanks for sharing!

Stefany said...

Totally agree on generics. I think I might steal this idea sometime and do the opposite because I only buy generics and few things are the must have brand names.

oh amanda said...

So basically, what DO you buy name brand?! :)

I need to try the generic pull-ups. And wipes. And yes! to meds...they ARE exactly the same.

Good list!

mama hall said...

i LOVE Target's Up & Up brand! the Up & Up toilet paper isn't so bad, ya know! have you tried it?
my hubby always says "you get what you pay for" but i've found that ISN'T always the case when it comes to generics! great list!

Corinne said...

I'm usually a snob about generics, but I totally agree with you on several of these. But I do have to disagree on the cereal. As a fine conisseur of cereal, I have to say that the store brands just aren't the same.