Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obligatory Halloween Post

I know every mommy blogger in the blogosphere has posted on this so if you've O.D.'d more on Halloween pics than you have Halloween candy I apologize for adding to it.

But, my kiddos, well, I sure do love 'em. And I can't resist sharing their Halloween pics.

So, without further ado, I now present Kai as Cleopatra:

And Ivy as the loveliest mermaid in the sea:

And what would Halloween be without our traditional Halloween shot? We trick-or-treat every year with some friends from our first ever small group Bible study. We all had girls born within about 6 months of each other (twice) and looks like we're doing the same with boys. We've got one little one already here (the most adorable Halloween hot dog you have ever seen), one little boy on the way (ours), and one baby that has yet to reveal his/her gender (no pressure, Katy!)

In fact, just for fun I'm gonna post a Halloween retrospective so you can see our little ones in all their adorable glory!



Big Sisters

Little Sisters


Next year, we'll have 9 kids on those stairs. Good thing it's a pretty long stairway!


SarahHub said...

I love the retrospective. They are cute in every single picture!

Rae said...

oh, I love it! what an absolutely cute idea!

Rachel said...

What cutie pies! I love seeing all the different years and how much they've all grown.


Katy said...

Wow! Isn't it so amazing??? The 2005 picture was so cute, and it seemed a lot less stressful that year. :) I can't wait to see the new littles next year! Can you please send me any pictures you got of my girls, since I lost all of mine from this year? Thanks!