Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Total Truth Tuesday

I'm late in posting, I know. But, I've been oh so busy voting (yeah!) and napping (double yeah!) because, you know, voting for two really takes it out of a person.

Anyways, my Total Truth this week is kind of ridiculous, but I'm wondering if I'm totally alone on this one.

My truth? I am completely clueless about why people use a top sheet when making their bed.

For the record, my mom is cringing right now. But, it's true. The top sheet? It baffles me.

I mean, I know what a top sheet is and I know how it works. At least in theory. But, seriously, what is the point? First of all, it is thin and flimsy and it's not like it keeps you warm. But more, troubling to me is that my kids always get tangled up in them and they end up in a ball under their comforter at the foot of the bed. And, if I'm being totally truthful, the situation is much of the same in my own bed.

Am I the only person in America who can't actually manage to successfully use a top sheet? If I have a big cozy comforter is it even really necessary to have one?

Actually, for a while I put a top sheet on every time I made the bed only to fish it out from the bottom of the comforter each night before going to sleep. It annoyed me. And I resented it. And then I had this revelation. Just because the rest of the world uses a top sheet successfully doesn't mean I have to. So I broke the rules and quit using them. Because I figured out that it's my house and, as it turns out, I make the rules and that means I can skip the hated top sheet.

And now my mom may quietly cry tonight because she managed to raise a daughter who can't actually successfully make a bed the right way, but at least I will sleep like a baby knowing I won't be strangled in my sleep by a rogue top sheet...


Heather said...

OOOk. You bring up a very good point.

I have (and I emphasize HAVE) to have the top sheet on the bed. The bed gets made daily. I do not sleep well if the sheets aren't smoothed out and blankets tucked properly.

On the other hand...neither of my boys like the top sheet. Even if I make their beds for them. (which I don't anymore) So, should I insist that the top sheet remain? Honestly, what is the purpose of the sheet? Except for washing purposes perhaps.

Now, I am so confused...

Crayl said...

Well, in theory, a top sheet is WAY EASIER to clean than a comforter, especially if you use a down comforter. OR, you can use a Duvet , a cover on the comforter, it's oh so European, and easy to clean, and stays in place. Just my 2 cents. :)

Sarah Lyn said...

My husband WILL NOT use a top sheet. It drives me nuts.

Rachel said...

I'm going to tell you something and you are going to think I'm totally gross.

I use a top and bottom sheet, but I only REALLY change my sheets every two weeks. This is because I sleep on the top sheet and then pull it off after a week. Then I still have my bottom sheet that's "clean."

I know I'm disgusting.

Jen said...

Two weeks is average, according to Oprah. That's as often as I change ours.

Purpose of said top sheet: I like the texture. :) My blankets are too scratchy. Also, it's easier to wash than the blankets.

SarahHub said...

I use a top sheet so my rough feet don't scratch on the comforter at night. :Shudder:

I really need a pedicure.