Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where debit cards go to die.

Have you ever wondered what happens inside an ATM machine? I guess I always thought they were just a big glorified computer/calculator with a mini vault of money inside. But, I was oh so wrong.

So, in case you ever wondered, I thought I'd tell you what really goes on inside an ATM machine. Say, in the case of a person who accidentally leaves their debit card inside.

That way if you are ever on the phone with your mother trying to work out dinner details while simultaneously refereeing a fight between two kids in the back seat, driving through an ATM, and gestating a boy child you will know what happens when you take your money and receipt but fail to retrieve your debit card.

From what I have gathered, here is what happens. The debit card in question gets sucked back into the ATM of doom and is photocopied for record keeping purposes. It is then unceremoniously shredded to death thus relegating the card holder to a 3 week sentence of debit card free living. Those photocopies are kept in a drawer for an unsympathetic bank employee to rustle through before giving the news of said shredding to the hysterical debit card owner who may just so happen to be driving through rush hour traffic on a very busy highway.

That is what happens. It is not a pretty thing.

So, R.I.P. beloved debit card. Sadly, you are yet another casualty of this preggo brain. You will missed every single day for the next 3 weeks until your blessed replacement comes my way.


Heather said...

AHH! That is a scary story. I think I save it for the next campfire.

So sorry for your loss.

Rae said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. What can one send in lieu of flowers to honor such a terrific death? You are gone, and as much as I'd love to say "but not forgotten," I know there will be more of your debit kind shredded to bits because of fellow mom brains out there.

Rachel said...

I work at a college and I get questions all the time about what happens when the campus ATM sucks up their card. Now I can just refer them to your post! ;)

Have "fun" surviving on cash (or CHECK! GASP!). Let us know how that goes.