Friday, May 8, 2009

Ivy-lish: No that wasn't awkward at all...

Ivy is bit freaked out by the fact that I'm nursing Traveler. Much like the business with his boy parts, she finds the whole thing gross. And disturbing.

I've tried more times than I can count to explain to her that it is natural and how God made mommy's body to work, but she's not buying it. It doesn't help that it makes cuddling on my lap crowded when he's actually nursing.

But I still didn't expect the scene that unfolded in a restaurant the other day. I'm pretty sure our waiter didn't see it coming either.

Waiter (to Ivy): "What would you like to drink, sweetie?"

Ivy: "Chocolate milk."

Waiter: "Okay, we can do that!"

Ivy (giving her best "I mean business" glare): "But not boobie milk! I drink milk from cows. NOT milk from boobies. OOOOkaaaayyy??"

The waiter looks at me. I flush purple from head to toe and he graciously agrees to make sure to bring her cow's milk.

Apparently the kitchen was all out of boobie milk anyways.


Jen said...

My 3 1/2 year old(just 2 at the time) used to be so confused and grossed about about it when I nursed her baby sister.

Now I have to make sure not to let her see me getting dressed or she very loudly starts saying "Remember when Ducky used to suck on your boobies all the time!!!" And then continues to remind me about it all day..everywhere we go. Even when there are other people around.

It's very disturbing for me!

Jen said...

OH! And I am glad you like my new blog name!! :)

Fiona said...

Haha! Sorry. Awkward, no doubt, but quite funny nevertheless. That Ivy is a Very Distinct Personality.

Peanut said...

Darn those restaurants not carrying boobie milk... wouldn't that make going out a lot easier?

I have the other problem: my daughter is so fascinated with the nursing that she wants to nurse too.

Crayl said...

Had to come out of lurking for this one...that's hysterical! I know, you were embarrassed, but really, she said it? Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Please haul a video recorder around with you and keep it running at all times.

This was so funny that I'd pay money to *see* the waiters' face + watch you turn colors.



Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

OMG! Bless her heart!!!!