Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Cash for Clunkers. Except backward.

We have been a one car family for a little over a year. We decided last June to wait on buying a new car until we found one we liked that we could get without a payment.

Fast forward 13 months and we finally decided we were ready for another car. I don't know if it was my attitude or our life changes (adding a newborn makes things complicated!) but I was suddenly totally over the whole one car family thing. Waking up early and loading three littles into a car every morning to drop daddy off at MARTA started getting to me. And since I'm not so good at the whole waking up early thing, Thomas nearly always got into work later than he wanted to.

So this weekend, when the rest of the country was turning in their clunkers for cash we used our cash to buy a clunker of our own.

Meet Woody. He gets horrible gas mileage (thank goodness he only has to drive 5 miles to MARTA) and he's a bit quirky, but he is exactly the car Thomas has been wanting for a while. So, he's happy. I'm happy. And tomorrow I'm planning to enjoy the extra hour of sleep that I get by not making a trip to the bus station.

Clunkers FTW!


eryn said...

yay!!!! that looks like it belongs in hawaii ;) i love it its so fun looking!

DreadedRafifi said...

Woody only cost me $38 in ad valorem! 20-year-old car FTW!

Anonymous said...

That's one big Woody. In fact it may be the biggest Woody I've ever seen.

Jealousy. I has it.

peace | dewde

Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

We just hit two years of being a one-car family. No early mornings for me though, since Wayne works an hour away. So I'm just stuck every day....for two years. It must be the baby thing because I am so much more aggravated about it now than I ever have been the past two years.

Peanut said...

I can't believe you've been driving him every morning. I thought we were sacrificing with having to take the bus so that we could get by with only one vehicle, but our bus stops right outside our door.
I'm glad you finally get your mornings back!