Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The real difference between boys & girls. Besides, of course, the obvious.

I know I've only been the mom to a little boy for about 4 months or so. But in that short time I've managed to notice one glaring difference between Trav and my girls as babies.

You see, my son loves to be naked. Loves it. I'm not one of those moms who ever really let their kids run around naked. Not because I think it's bad or anything, but I've always been too lazy to clean up whatever messes resulted in spending time diaper-free. Traveler, I'm afraid, is going to break that streak. 'Cause the child is only happy naked.

Now, I've heard tales of boys who strip off their clothes at the most inopportune times (Chik-Fil-A playground? Enough said.) I hear it is a boy thing - this love of their, ahem, "natural" state of dress. But, I thought it was something that happened when boys turned 2 or so. Apparently, not so much.

By and large, Trav is an ideal baby. Aside from the desire to be in my arms or in a sling 24/7 he is easy to deal with. But he has his moments. And when he's grouchy or crying or totally inconsolable I started doing what every mom does. I fed him to see if he was hungry. I rocked him to see if he was sleepy. I changed him to see if he was dirty. And that is when I discovered it.

Because the moment this child's diaper comes off he's quiet. And happy. He throws his little arms behind his head all Burt Reynold's style and basks in his nakedness. Which is why nearly every day I end up stripping him down naked and letting him hang out in his crib for a while. It's the only way to combat the middle of the day crankiness that he's developed.

I've determined that this is one very important difference in boys and girls. Maybe one they never grow out of. Because when I told my husband about Traveler's favorite state of (un)dress he said, "Of course he does. Being naked is awesome."

And that, my friends, I just don't get. Being naked is drafty. Being naked is inconvenient. Being naked is (at the wrong times) embarrassing. But, awesome? That is not a reality I am acquainted with.

I'm still a bit uncomfortable with the whole thing. After all, I've never had a baby that insisted on being au naturale. My girls never cared about being naked. Still don't care for it really. This little guy, though, he thinks it's the cat's pajamas. And if it keeps him happy, quiet, & content I'll indulge him.

Let's just hope he outgrows it before...oh, you know, middle school. Though based on his father's apparent (unbeknown to me) fondness for nakedness it looks like I may be in for years of this...


Brenda said...

I just recently watched the movie "Failure to launch". Your post reminded me of the scene where the retired dad made himself the "naked room" in the house after Matthew McConaughey moved out of the house. So it might not ever be something that they grow out of.

Peanut said...

I don't think they ever grow out of it... in fact, I think it gets worse with age. As a nurse, if I arrive on shift and see that I have a bunch of elderly male patients, I just know I'm going to see WAY too much naked ugly man butt that day. You can blame the "drafty" hospital gowns, but I don't see the ladies showing off their stuff... and they all wear the same gowns!