Monday, January 12, 2009

Promise me this isn't scientifically possible.

Last night I had a nightmare. A horrible, horrible nightmare that nearly woke me up screaming in a fit that would threaten to wake up even our neighbors two houses down.

I dreamed I was pregnant.

Wait, I am pregnant.

I mean, I dreamed I was pregnant and apparently miraculously still ovulating and that I managed to get myself pregnant - again. I remember vividly in my dream waddling my hugely pregnant body into the bathroom to take a home pregnancy test. I remember waiting for the results and seeing a horrifying pink plus sign.

In my dream, even though I was currently 7 months pregnant, I discovered that lurking inside me was a new baby. A baby that would take another 9 months to mature. Which, of course, meant that delivering this baby would not free me from my prison of gestational "bliss." Can you imagine the cruelty of that discovery?

And, for the love of all that is sweet and holy, if you can't have, um, marital relations without fear of getting pregnant when you're, you know, ALREADY PREGNANT then when can you?

I'm pretty sure this is due largely to our recent discussions of whether or not we'll be adding a fourth to the mix at some point.

I know, I know. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. I'm always one who is rushing too far ahead for my own good. But, the idea of a fourth is pretty much all my influence. Four just feels right to me.

If we do decide to take the plunge, Thomas' thought is to "rip the band-aid off" and try for a fourth about two or three months after this baby is born.

Clearly, he hates me.

You should have seen the look on my parents' face when we joked about that. They did not see much humor in the thought. And, I can assure you, that will not be happening. Though I know it works out wonderfully for some people. Heck, Thomas' older brothers are 10 months apart. 10 months, people!

If we do decide a fourth is on the horizon you can count on it being a good year or so before we even think about it. I like the idea of a fourth coming along right around the time this little guy is two. It is an age difference that has worked out so nicely with Kai and Ivy.

Still, for now, I'll be rejoicing that come March this little guy will be out of the baby cooker and I'll have at least a year or more to enjoy being the only person living in this body.

For now, let's just hope I start dreaming of something less frightening. You know, like El Chubacabra or the Anti-Christ.


Carey said...

Funny! My sister and I are 10 months apart. That announcement always invites interesting reactions. Especially on the occasion that we might be asked our ages during the two months that we are, in fact, the same age. "You don't look like twins", we hear. "We're not", we answer. Oh - the funny perplexed looks we get!

DreadedRafifi said...

Preggo by June I say. lol.

Anonymous said...

Actually it is possible to ovulate during pregnancy, but it's very unlikely so I don't think you have to worry (especially as far along as you are)....that is a pretty freaky nightmare, though.

Katie said...

I had that same dream last time I was prego. Must be a third child thing. I remember being horrified and excited a the same time. Is there a correlation between pregnancy and masochism?

Rachel said...

That's an even more frightening dream than my reoccuring nightmare of having forgotten my Math class for an entire semester and walking in only to find that I still have to take the final.

Rest assured, if you did happen to get double pregnant, I'm sure you'd get some book deal that paid you tons of money. Lifetime would also be required by law to make a movie about the ordeal, and TLC would have to make you the star of a reality show. So, if double pregnant for 9-18 months equals triple rich for life maybe it would be worth it.

Also, here's a thought for you - what if El Chupacabra IS the anti-Christ? Yeah, chew on that one.