Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Total Truth Tuesday

You all know Jane over at What About Mom, right? If not, go now 'cause she is awesome. Seriously. I'll be here when you get back.

No, really. Go.

Okay, back now? Good.

Last week Jane posted pics of what a real house looks like. You know, the kind where the spirit of Donna Reed is not channeled on a daily basis and where the kids don't live in some kind of plastic bubble where messes are never made. I loved her post. I admired her honesty.

And, I was so inspired by her Full Monty post that I decided to post my own. Because, you know what? I'm all about keeping it real here at the Land of Lovings.

So, in the spirit of transparency brought out by brave Jane, here's my own Full Monty post. This was my house on Saturday and Sunday morning (note how many dishes were left out since FRIDAY? **hangs head in shame**).

Actually, I'm shocked at how much cleaner it looks in pictures. Because, it was bad, people. The worst part? My house has actually been in worse shape. And, I don't have any real excuse for it. Except that I've got two unruly kids and I'm gestating a human being. And, you know, that I'm hopelessly addicted to day time TV. Do those count as valid reasons or just lame excuses? Actually, I don't care either way. Last week it was simply our reality.

So, here you go. My house in all of its messy disheveled glory.

You know, I think with posts like this one (and my infamous baby bottle post) I may be guaranteeing that my mother completely avoids my blog on Tuesdays. Sorry, Mom!

What about you guys? Any dirty little housekeeping secrets lurking around your house?

(Click the pics so you get the pleasure of reading
the details of the mess you're looking at!)


dewde said...

The dog and pony show we do is amazing to me. Underneath it all, we're all pretty much the same. Except the dog bit. We're ahead of y'all a bit on that one. Not gonna lie.


Carey said...

Oh, I've done worse! I'm glad to see that your house is not always as perfect as it was in the photos you showed when you did your re-arrange recently. You're one of us! And I'm impressed by your little caption-label-thingys - cool!

Land of Lovings said...

Oh, Carey, I am SO one of those moms! Actually, the pic from the family room rearrangement was taken at about 1 am after much cleaning and tidying up. I can guarantee you that room was unrecognizable about 12 hours later! : )

Oh, and the labels were something I got from www.pizap.com. It's a free online photo editing site that I used to drop those in. So cool!

Katie said...

You know mine is the same if not worse. A friend dropped by unexpectedly last weekend and I think that my mess nearly gave her an anxiety attack. Must have been the dirty diaper that I sat on the wine rack(near the front door) on the way to the kitchen and forgot about, and then forgot about every time I walked past it until it stunk the house up.
Tidiness is overrated. It's through the mess that true genius is discovered ; )

kellymac said...

I feel strangely comforted...

Katie said...

I don't even have chidren, and an honest post of my house mid work week would resemble this! I do have 2 dogs who weigh more than me when added together - that should count for something. But seriously, props to you for honesty.

And P.S. Hand-wash pots and pans are the worst thing EVAR.

Heather said...

Your house is NOT that bad. Really. It looks like you all live there. :)

Jolene said...

Hey...your house looks just like my house!! lol