Monday, April 20, 2009

Ivy-lish: Diaper Business

Ivy is kind of fascinated with her brother. She's trying to figure out this whole "new baby" thing we've got going on and nothing is more confusing to her than what is going on inside Trav's diaper.

No matter how many times I explain it she is completely unwilling to acknowledge that his "boy parts" are something that are actually supposed to be there.

Which is why every time I change his diaper, our dialog goes a little something like this:

Ivy: "Ewwww, what's that??"

Me: "Honey, that is Traveler's bottom. Remember what I said? He's different than you because he is a boy."

Ivy: "Oh yeah!'s yucky. Wipe it off."

Me: "No, honey, I can't wipe it off. It has to stay there, remember?"

Ivy, laughing: "Oooohhh. I see. Okay. Now wipe it off! It's gross."

And round and round we go. I guess I'd be happy if I could just get her to stop calling Trav "she" and "her." Poor guy. Isn't this how Hemingway ended up the way he did?


Katy said...

I just read that to Kayla, who actually understands the difference, and she laughed so hard. I can't wait to have to deal with the same with Kelsey. She talks about "bottoms" enough as it is. :)

Carey said...

That is the sweetest photo!

My daughter is about to turn 13, which is right about the age where I WANT her to start thinking that boy parts are icky and gross - and something to stay far away from - for at least ten more years!

Fiona said...


Honestly - I only ever changed girl diapers. When my son was born, I was all, "What's that?" Oh. Right. It was truly, truly weird to figure out how to clean his bits. After all, I've never had to do that in my own life, how should I know what to do?

My husband found it all hilarious.

dewde said...



Peanut said...

15 months in and I'm still a little uncomfortable with the boy parts...