Friday, June 26, 2009

Kai-versations: Outtakes

After the girls' party this year we decided to do video thank you notes to send to their friends. It seemed like a fun way for them to say thanks in their own words (since they can't really write yet) and for their friends (who can't read yet) to hear from them how much they appreciated everyone coming to their party. We're still getting them all finished because it was quite an undertaking (each Thank You takes several takes to get it somewhat coherent) but we're almost done.

This particular outtake I just loved. The girls loved this present given to them by some good friends of ours, but they were just confused about which thank you video we were doing. Still, I love how sincere she is until she realizes she has no idea which present she's saying thank you for. Needless to say we tried again for take number 2 after I reminded her again what present we were talking about...

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Anonymous said...

Fun to hear her sweet little voice!