Friday, June 5, 2009

Kai-versations: Preschool Theology

Kai gets worried a lot that other people (particularly siblings) are going to be able to do things she can't. Or do things better than she can. So we always make a point to tell her that there are things she is going to be good at and things she might need more help with and that is okay. And that it makes her and her siblings a good team because they complement each other.

Yesterday she decided to apply that idea to her preschool theology.

Kai: "Daddy, can God really do anything?"

Thomas: "He sure can. He can do anything you can think of."

Kai: "Well, I think there are things that God can do that I can't and things that I can do that God can't. Do you think that's true?"

Thomas: "Hmmm...can you tell me some things that you think you can do that God can't do?"

Kai: "Well, God can't sleep in my bunk bed 'cause He's way too big and wide for that. So, I can definitely sleep in bunk beds better than He can. Don't you think?"

Not quite sure what to say to that one. I guess if God really wanted to sleep in bunk beds He could probably do it better than anyone. Still, this girl of ours sure does keep us on our toes...


dewde said...

She's going to be quite the thinker. I'm impressed!


Anonymous said...

That's some awfully advanced thinking for such a tiny girl.

Love her logic! :)


StacieinAtlanta said...

That is just too cute!!