Friday, September 26, 2008

Marital Mind Meld

Thomas and I have been married six and a half years. And, while that may not sound like a long time to be married, let me tell you, folks, it can be.

We got married young amidst some family turmoil (that's another post for another day), survived some serious bumps in the road and we've been through much in our 6.5 years.

We've had some low lows and some great highs. We're very different people but largely on the same page. And though it may be a silly story, I can think of one story to illustrate how often we operate on the same wavelength.

About a year ago we were at a weekend retreat with our married couples small group. During a fierce game of Cranium Pop Culture in which Thomas and I were on the same team, we reached the pinnacle of same-mindedness. It was a beautiful and glorious moment.

The category was celebrities. Thomas chose the letter cubes to convey the clue on his card. He rolled a C. And, then, he looked at me knowingly and said, "Cumin!"

And, what was the first thing out of my mouth 2 seconds later? "The Spice Girls!"

It was a total Vulcan Mind Meld moment. And, ah, sweet victory.

I don't know whether we won the game (it's doubtful) but we did win a reputation for obscure spice knowledge and the ability to read each other's mind.


Anonymous said...

That was a glorious, glorious moment. I'm pretty sure you blurted out "Spice Girls" even faster than I could gather the words in my mind, "What the heck is 'Cumin'?"


Sarah Lyn said...

That is so great!

kellymac said...

That's awesome. :) That's also why Alex and I have been known to be banned from being on the same team for Catchphrase.

Halie said...

Aww fun times!
That was a great game of cranium, and then David with his MC Hammer impression, priceless!