Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kai-versations: Perhaps the most important difference of all...

I'm putting Total Truth Tuesday on hold this week, because (truth be told) I'm feeling a little bit too steeped in reality to be dragging up any deep dark secrets or to be silly about any of my more ridiculous ones. I promise to dig up a doozy of a Total Truth for next week! In the meantime, here's one of my favorite recent Kai quotes...

Last night Kai and I watched The Navity Story. The live action one that came out a couple of years ago. And, though you might think she'd be too young to get what was going on she seemed to comprehend it pretty well. But, by far the most interesting conversation came as a result of the circumcision scene after Mary's cousin, Elizabeth gives birth to John.

Now, don't go getting all worried. They didn't show anything gruesome that would scar her for life but it did make her ask what exactly was going on. And since she's going to have a baby brother in less than 4 months I thought it might be time to go ahead and start explaining these things.

Me: "So, Kai, do you what makes boys and girls different?"

Kai, very seriously: "Yes! Girls get excited when they get clothes as a present and boys don't."

Me, giggling: "True...but they are also different in another way."

Kai, gesturing with her hand: "Boys have a...um....pickle, right? Wait! Does that mean Daddy has a pickle, too?!"

Ah....the next few months will be interesting indeed!


kellymac said...

Kai is awesome.

Heather said...


You can't even IMAGINE how bad I needed that laugh.