Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Secret Santa = Super Savings (and fun!)

This isn't particularly a groundbreaking idea or anything, but it really is an idea that is so much more fun than you'd think!

The last couple of years as our extended family grew and my sisters got married buying presents for everyone has become a daunting task. We're big present givers so buying big gifts for lots of people is just too expensive to do and really seems to zap the fun from our holiday shopping.

So, a couple of years ago we decided to start the Secret Santa tradition. Each year on Thanksgiving we draw names and (making sure no one gets their own name *cough* DAD!) swear everyone to secrecy.

We set a limit for spending and let the fun begin. It takes the stress out of shopping because buying the perfect gift for one person is so much easier and my favorite part of all is the fun that is had weaseling everyone's names out of each other. Each year I think I have it all figured out and each year I am dead wrong! Still, a full month of intrigue and sneaking around is more fun than the buying or receiving presents.

We all buy presents for the kids in the family and have fun picking up little stocking stuffers for everyone else. But each person only has to buy one "big" present thus reducing both shopping and budgetary stress. It's a great Christmas tradition that we've never regretted!

That is what is working for me this week. To see what is working for others, head over to Shannon's Dryer!


Candace said...

We did that for years! Then as all of us grandkids grew up and started families of our own that became increasingly complicated. Now we do dirty Santa. Where you bring a gift and put it under the tree. Every one draws a number and you can either pick a present under the tree or one that has already been opened. If you were first you get last choice. Presents can only be stolen 3 times though!

nicole t. said...

We are starting that this year since both of Ryan's sisters got married. So much easier to shop for only one or two people and so much cheaper too!

Audra Krell said...

Very fun! I think white elephant/dirty Santa/Secret Santa all lead to the best holiday memories ever! Blessings to you this Christmas.