Friday, August 1, 2008

Things I've had to say...

Please don't put your carrots between your toes.
If I hear anymore giggling and laughing you're going to be in BIG trouble.
Quit putting your hands in your armpits and smelling them.
Please stop telling everyone that you just peed in the pool.
I promise, Daddy is definitely too big to get accidentally flushed down the potty.


kellymac said...

*sighs and removes carrots from between her toes*

Heather said...'s amazing the things we have to say in a day.

marigold said...

That darn Molly Shannon, she just made it SO FUN!

joolee said...

Totally! No one ever warned me that being a parent meant yelling at the kids to stop having fun! Unfortunately, my older kids only ever want to have loud annoying giggly fun when the younger 2 are napping. DRIVES ME INSANE!