Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So, today I'm obsessing over the fact that the average person unknowingly eats 430 bugs over the course of one year. One year, people. 430 over the course of one lifetime would be too much for me. But a year?

And that's the average. Which means some people eat more than 430 a year. I mean, you could have someone out there who eats 750 bugs a year bringing that average up. And it could be me. And I'd never know it.

I'm wondering how this happens? Do most of them ingest their daily insect diet via food or in their sleep? Are the averages higher for motorcyclists? Oh. I think I don't want to know.

I do think I might start sleeping with some kind of bug netting around my bed just in case though. Just on the off-chance I'm the one who's living on the high side of the bug eating scale.


kellymac said...

*gags a little and eyes her empty lunch plate suspiciously*

Ashley @ said...

I totally didn't need to know that! I also read somewhere that the average sleeping person has 8 spiders crawl across their face every month. Now THAT is a horrid thought!

georgie said...

I think i just threw up in my mouth a lil bit and am contemplateing not eating ever again and ummm lemme know if you find a good deal on bug nets I need a set of 5

Found ya on allmed and since you posted this PSA am glad I did! LOL

Heather said...

Um. Yeah, I have known about this and it still disturbs me. There are several factors, from the spiders and whathaveyou that crawl whilst we sleep. Then there is the food. The FDA has an "acceptable amount" of bugs that can be in processed foods like cookies (e.g Fig Newtons) and other things that use produce.