Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Total Truth Tuesday

Sorry this is a bit late, I've been really busy today with pregnant SAHM stuff (i.e. sleeping, eating, sleeping some more). My Total Truth this Tuesday should be embarrassing, but it's all about hormones so I refuse to be ashamed.

Here it is:

When I am pregnant I have the weirdest cravings ever.

Okay, you're probably thinking, "yeah, so?" But, seriously, I have cravings that come up just short of qualifying for that pregnant Pica thing.

With my first pregnancy, it started with Oreos and Vienna Sausages. Together. That was what I ate just before I decided it was time to take a pregnancy test. But, my second craving that pregnancy was...Vodka. I'm not a big drinker (no wisecracks, Thomas!) but all I wanted during my first pregnancy was Vodka. Vodka straight-up. On the rocks. It all sounded delicious to me. It was the one craving I could NOT indulge my entire pregnancy (which is a little like torture if you have cravings as strong as mine!) As soon as Kai was born, I didn't give Vodka another thought.

With Ivy, I craved Cabbage. I ate it all the time (much like this pregnancy) but that wasn't really the weirdest thing. The weirdest craving I experienced? Cigarettes. Which is extra weird 'cause I don't smoke. And, I never really have. I had a fling or two with clove cigarettes during college, but regular cigs? Never. And yet, every time I smelled cigarette smoke or saw a pack of Marlboros my mouth started to water. Yet another craving that absolutely could not be indulged the whole pregnancy and completely disappeared after having Ivy. To this day, I have not had a cigarette since college.

This pregnancy I've been too sick to crave anything, but I am expecting some weird cravings any day now. Though I'm a little worried what cravings will be coming my way? What's left? Meth, hand lotion, potting soil? I guess I should be thankful my willpower is stronger than these cravings otherwise you might find me digging egg shells out of the trash to eat for dinner...

BTW, I promise not all of my TTT posts will be about pregnancy related stuff for the next 9 months. I just have pregnancy brain at the moment so this is the best I could come up with...


Crayl said...

I craved wine every time I was pregnant, and I was not a wine drinker at all! In fact if I ever crave it I kinda freak out now!

Eryn said...

your not much a drinker!... pshhh.... ;)

Anonymous said...

I always leave your blog smiling + refreshed! :)

Debra at inhousetranscription@yahoo

*Because I don't have Blogger + I don't want to be 'anonymous'

Peanut said...

I craved wine all the time in both my pregnancies. Other than that, no weird cravings, although I do remember once thinking that pickles and ice cream together DID make sense. When I was pregnant, I just got really anxious about food in general. And if I was hungry, watch out!

Kim N said...

Haha! That brought back some memories. I never had very weird sounding cravings, but my taste for food totally changed during my pregnancies. I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches twice a day with my second prenancy. (that child is allergic to peanuts...could it be a coincidence?) And after hating to drink milk my entire life I craved it during my fourth pregnancy and have not stopped drinking it and my son it nine months old now. Pregnancy is crazy!

marigold said...

LOL, weird cravings for sure! What's that condition called when ladies crave soil, and eat it, when pregnant?

I craved potato chips and ice cream. (could be why I gained 60 pounds during pregnancy!) Never ate a single tortilla chip the entire pregnancy. now that's weird!

Heather said...

Well, my thoughts are, if it's YOUR total truth, it can be whatever you want to be. You know, being the owner of the blog and all...;)

My cravings?
1st- peaches and green beans mixed together; tater sauce and french fries from Hardee's; Welch's grape soda. (I HATE grape flavor to this day)

2nd- the marshmellows (only) out of lucky charms; and pickled anything..olives, pickles (juice was better) beets, ect.

3rd- Frozen cherry drinks only from Burger King and apparently anything that wasn't nailed down, because I gained the most weight with this one.