Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And the worst part is that it's not cute or cuddly...

Yesterday I tried to have a baby.

I woke up feeling just a bit off. By 10 am I was having cramping. By 1:00 I was having stabbing pains and contractions. But I waited. Because I didn't want to be one of those crazy preggo moms (a.k.a. me in both previous pregnancies) who went to the hospital for every little thing. Plus this one is on me, folks, so when I'm paying I want to make sure I'm paying for the baby and not false labor.

So I took a bath and waited. And they got worse. MUCH WORSE. And then they were 15 minutes a part. And then 10. At which point I went to the doctor. Because something was clearly up. From there they went to 7, 5, 3 and that is when they wheeled me into L&D. Because I was clearly having a baby.

The doctor told me they'd have the C-section that night because it was more dangerous to stop labor at this point than it was to continue. I, of course, called all my family. But, the doctor on call that night had different ideas. And she gave me two shots of terbutaline and stopped the contractions.

But the pain just wouldn't stop. And oh. my. Lord. did I want to punch the nurse when she asked if I thought it was a pinched nerve. A PINCHED NERVE??? No. It wasn't a pinched nerve.

Once the contractions stopped, though, it became very obvious what was causing the pain because it was (unfortunately) a very familiar pain when separated from the pain of contractions. Kidney stones. No, that just doesn't do it justice. It was FREAKING KIDNEY STONES!!!

Oh this cruel, cruel body of mine.

They sent me home with one measly percocet and instructions to stay hydrated. And within 5 minutes of getting home I passed the stupid thing.

Thomas dared me to take a pic and blog it, but the truth is I like you guys too much and I want you to actually come back here again in the near future and pictures of kidney stones probably wouldn't guarantee the future of our relationship, right? I didn't think so.


Halie said...

I am glad everything is ok and you are feeling somewhat better.
I was getting excited about meeting the little guy, but I am glad that he is all ok and I know we will meet him very soon.

See you on Sat.!

Heather said...

Wow. I am glad you are ok.

Ironically, you are the SECOND friend I have that is pregnant AND passing kidney stones.

Carey said...

I've passed a kidney stone. I've given birth. They were the two most painful events of my life. I cannot think of anything more cruelly and ironically unfair than to pass a kidney stone WHILE pregnant! You poor thing!

It makes for a good story to tell your son later... You should name him Stone just for kicks.

Sue said...

hahaha! "stone" i went to a church called the "austin stone." i know...sorry, its really not that funny! hope everything works out with the billing department. what a pain(s)!!!!

Land of Lovings said...

Thomas said the same thing about naming him Stone! Then he considered the Hawaiian heritage and decided The Rock was even more appropriate. So, The Rock Loving it is. I've always liked The as a first name, haven't you?? : )

Fiona said...

Awful!! I'm so sorry. What a terrible story.

I had gall stones years ago (before I had them take that sucker out!!) and the pain was really bad. Many sympathetic thoughts coming your way - hope you're done with that at least until your baby comes.

Eryn said...

say no to diet coke!! :D I am glad he is waiting till his due date :)

Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

Thank you so much for not posting that picture. I feel for ya and all, but I don't need to see *that*.

So glad you're feeling better. What a hot mess that was.