Friday, February 13, 2009

One down. One to go! **updated**

We had a big night at the Loving house.

Last night, for the first time, Thomas pulled a tooth. I mean, he actually pulled the tooth out. Oh, we've lost teeth before. We lost two in July. But this tooth? This tooth was stubborn. And hanging on by a thread. And giving mom the heebie-jeebies with every wiggle it got.

Thankfully, Kai is easily bought off. All it took was the promise of Tooth Fairy loot and a Popsicle and she was on board.

There was plenty of cringing and freaking out and wincing and Kai was actually a little bit nervous, too. But a bit of embroidery floss (purple - of course!) and a few good yanks on the thread and we had lift-off. Literally. It flew across the room and caused a bit of drama, but it was out.

Thank the Lord.

It's next door neighbor is pretty darn loose, too, so I'm imagining we'll be seeing him come out this weekend though hopefully he'll pop out the old-fashioned way. In an apple. Or, better yet, a Sugar Daddy candy bar.

The very best part of all this?

The Tooth Fairy actually remembered to come this time! I must be getting the hang of this mom thing after all...
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So, it turns out we didn't have to wait long at all. Last night after a poorly planned leap from bunk bed ladder to "thinking chair" Kai managed to actually knock her other tooth right out. Let me just say, there was LOTS more blood than the first time but the tears disappeared as soon as her dad reminded her that it meant she'd get more $$ from the Tooth Fairy.

Now, she's got the adorable lisp of a kid who has no front teeth. Which means her dad and I have to try our best not to giggle everytime she exclaims, "Theriothly Guyth!" I need to capture that on video for posterity...


Anonymous said...

Grody. That so gives me chills. My dad would just use a tissue and grab it and yank it out. Nastiest thing ever. The string is such a better idea...ekw

Carey said...

I must admit... I have a thing for pulling teeth. I see a child with a loose tooth and my fingers start itching. I'm the official tooth-puller of my nieces and nephews. They either run when they see Aunt Carey, or they call me when they need some tooth fairy cash.

With my own child - I, too, forgot the tooth fairy once. She doesn't remember. I still feel guilty.

Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

Oh Lord, nothing grosses me out like a loose tooth. I can't STAND it!!!!!!

Heather said...

Congrats to Kai on losing another tooth. I always love when kids lose the front ones....