Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wish I were here...

Today instead of spending my time on a tropical beach drinking fruity cocktails and watching my children frolic in the sun, I am tackling my least favorite household project:

Cleaning the kids' playroom/bedroom

I can't tell you how much I loathe this job. It will include (but not be limited to):

  • Picking up at least 1200 kids books and arranging them on the bookshelf by classification (soft cover vs. board book) and size only to have them all end up on the floor by 5pm.
  • Finding at least one discarded pull-up under the bunk beds after ranting (yet again) that all diapers go in the trash every single time with no exceptions thankyouverymuch!
  • Discovering that Barbie and her stylish friends own more shoes than everyone in my house combined. And that none of them are a complete pair.
  • Throwing away no less than 3 dismembered Dollar store "Barbie" bodies and worrying about why it is my children insist on murdering their dolls in this cruel way.

So, what I could use now is your tips for cleaning playrooms and keeping them clean. Got any nuggets of wisdom to make my job easier when I tackle this in the future??

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Bombchell said...

lol yesterday I got lazy & finally gave up & considered hiring some maids, once the maids arrived so did my family, lol caught in the act.

dewde said...

Make it your husband's job. That's what my wife does.


Faith - That's Just Freaking Lovely said...

My kids playroom is in the basement. I pretend that area of the house doesn't exist sometimes .. out of sight, out of mind right? Good luck cleaning everything!

Carey said...

When my daughter was of Barbie/PollyPocket/etc age, we threw out all shoes/brushes/combs and any other teeny-tiny little plastic crap that never gets used. I never once saw those dolls with shoes on anyway. (Luckily, we were never into the Bratz thing... without shoes they have no feet...eeeww). It made clean-up much easier!

Jen said...

One word: Rubbermaid.

We use a lot of bins now that toys have decreased in size and increased in quantity. I get the ones with handles on top and latches on the side. It allows Gabe to carry a bin downstairs if he wants to play in the living room. We're also working on getting him to pick up each night. I still spend a lot of time picking up junk, but at least everything has a bin!

BecauseImTheMommy said...

I have been in such a PURGE mode I can't stop. My boys do not need ALL 150+ Hot Wheels, right? Hubby SERIOUSLY fought me on the throwing out process. My advice is a 10 minute clean up should occur nightly. Usually helps, but doesn't get rid of the entire problem.

Amanda said...

I have no hints. Usually I end up yelling at Hope and start walking upstairs with a trash bag. Then AMAZINGLY she picks everything up. Whatever you do -- DO NOT LOOK UNDER THE BED! You will regret it; kids are disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Books...once they are sorted bag them up with grocery sacks and label them. Then have one sack out at a time for a week or so. They will get much more use and then not as hard to clean up. I used to teach kdg and have way too many books. We pull out a bag from one of the many boxes and enjoy them more. They are kept in a basket under the coffe table. It is not so overwelming for the little ones to pick out a book.