Friday, February 27, 2009

Read Me Days 4 & 5 I skipped a day. I'm blaming it on early labor, kidney stones, & the fact that a pipe broke in our basement Wednesday night and left 2" of standing water in my basement closet. It's a good excuse, right?

I knew you'd understand.

So, anyways, here are two books for the last two days of Read Me Week:

This book is intended for ages a bit older than my girls, but they love it nonetheless. Kai, in particular, is fascinated by science and biology so this book has been great to explain some of the answers to the questions she comes up with. I love Usborne books because they are so educational but in an interactive way that really engages my kids. It's been a great addition to our homeschool library and I highly recommend it for kids as young as 3 since even Ivy can now recognize some of the body systems and what they do!

For the last book, I asked Kai to pick out her favorite book so I could recommend it and this one is all her choice.

This is another great book we picked up on a trip to Hawaii and bought pretty much solely because it had Kai's name in the title. It turns out it is a great book about being brave in scary situations and recognizing when some things just seem scary because of your imagination. I like the little honu (turtle), Kai, because he is a nervous guy in the beginning who finds that he isn't such a scaredy-honu after all and saves his friends by being courageous. It's a great bedtime book for kids of all ages.

So, there you have it 5 of our favorite books to read lately. Here's your last chance to give your recommendations for your favorites kids books! What's next in your kids reading pile?

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Maile said...

We love the See Inside Your Body book. My kids got it for Christmas; it was the one and only gift that got Kaia to stop opening presents so she could "read" it before moving on.