Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For all Maternity...

I must admit that upon discovering I was pregnant with Arema Kai I went straight out to Mimi Maternity and spent WAY too much on maternity wear. I loaded up on t-shirts, tanks, jeans, dresses, suits, bras, maternity panties (which, can I just say, I have an unhealthy obsession with). I tried on the belly and longed for the day my belly would match that adorable stuffing filled baby pouch.

I could probably have purchased an Italian crib for what I spent that day in maternity clothes. And, of course, I went right home and started wearing them. At 6 weeks pregnant. It mattered not that I could barely hold them up. Or that I looked absolutely ridiculous. I was pregnant, doggone it, and I would dress the part.

With Ivy, I knew better. In fact, I wore regular non-maternity jeans up until the day she was born. I adapted my regular wardrobe to fit my growing belly and supplemented with just a few maternity pieces that I bought sparingly. I loved my belly and had fun dressing it. Pregnancy #2 I hit my stride.

Which brings us to baby #3. Sweet mercy, how I wanted to avoid wearing maternity clothes early on in this pregnancy. But, bloggy friends, this baby has other plans for my body. I am 8 weeks pregnant and already safety-pinning my jeans. I am stubbornly holding onto these pants. I'm wearing yoga pants and flowing tops and refusing to transition too quickly into the dreaded maternity wear.

In an effort to put it off I did make myself a couple DIY Bella Bands to help my pants stay up. Basically, I just cut a couple of slightly too small stretchy tank tops off at the chest and ta-da! A homemade Bella Band in any color I want thus allowing me to avoid maternity pants and shirts for a while longer.

But, it will happen. Oh, it is inevitable and I know that. But, I will not go into that dark night of maternity wear without a fight. No, I will rage, rage against the dying of the...ah, to heck with it. I think I'm gonna go to Target and buy some stinkin' maternity clothes already.

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marigold said...

All part of the process, right? Did you keep you maternity clothes? Will you post pictures of your DIY Bella band? I'm all about saving the money if the time comes.