Friday, July 18, 2008

Kai-versations: Sneaky, sneaky...

There is huge drama brewing in our house. The issues surrounding an important event in the fall is causing quite a stir. The debates are heated. The intensity is palpable. And, the family is split down two opposing sides.

What is this key issue causing such a divide?

No, it's not the future of health care in our country. It's not the war in Iraq. It's Halloween. And, the family is divided as follows:

Those who think Ivy should be allowed to dress up as a mermaid like Kai [3].
Those who think Ivy should NOT be allowed to dress up as a mermaid like Kai [1]

Kai has determined that Ivy should NOT be a mermaid even though all Ivy talks about is dressing up like a mermaid for Halloween. She wants to be just like her big sister. But, her big sister is having none of it.

So, Kai came up with a sneaky solution the other day. Sometimes she scares me just a little bit.

Kai: "I have an idea that will make everyone happy, Mom."

Me: "Good Kai! What is is?"

Kai: "Let's trick Ivy. We'll tell her that she is dressing up like a mermaid, but really she'll be wearing a flower costume. Isn't that perfect?"

I've got to convince her to use her powers for good and not evil...


Kelsey said...

Oh my gosh thats too funny!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is HILARIOUS.....I came over to visit after you visited me. Thank YOU VERY MUCH! ;)

Kids crack me up! But right now, I'm still smiling at your blog...with Barbie.
Rena Gunther

Amy said...

I'm amazed that this is a topic of conversation in other housholds when its 95 degrees outside and I haven't the least bit thought about Halloween. Unbelievable, what our children's priorities are. Anyway... My 6 year old ironically is also planning to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid. She has been Snow White and Belle in previous years, so if you looking for a good princess costume, I can drop it in the mail. Best of Luck!

Rae said...

I LOVE Kai. She is so the evil genius! I can just see her little eyes lighting up with the delight of pulling the wool over her sister's eyes. And I can so see adorable Ives trying to be big sister all the time! I miss them! You must visit.