Monday, July 28, 2008

Retro Housewife Challenge: Day 13

Since I know everyone is dying to know how my resolution to be domestic is coming (note: that's sarcasm, folks!) I thought I'd share a little about my progress.

For starters, it did get better after that first day. I think I've started to adopt a healthier attitude about my housewifely duties. I mean, sure, I don't love cleaning the toilets. But, I am still finding my mood about such things has improved. Especially since I get to see such a happy and relieved look on my husband's face when he comes home to a less disastrous domicile.

But, there are a good many things I still need to work on. The whole waking up before the rest of the household and making breakfast resolution lasted exactly one week. And then I quit. For now, I'm blaming it on First Trimester sickness/fatigue. I mean, anyone who has ever been pregnant knows there is nothing worse than touching/smelling/seeing eggs first thing in the morning. Not to mention, that this pregnancy's defining symptom has been an absolutely incapacitating exhaustion rivaled only by my bout with mono 5 years ago.

That does not make for easy mornings in the kitchen. Actually, it doesn't make for easy cleaning afternoons either. But, I am determined to prevail!

So, here's my list of things I have accomplished as a retro housewife:

Completely cleaning and reorganizing my bedroom and closet
Organizing and storing all non-summer season clothes
Cooking meals (almost) every week night
Keeping kitchen and family room clean and organized and chaos-free
Planned a homeschool calendar for all of 2008-2009
Washing my hair/getting dressed in real clothes (people this really is an accomplishment so try not to judge me, 'kay?)

Here's my list of things I need to work on:

Healthy and nutritional breakfasts for my family
Keeping laundry caught up
Not wasting time during the day
Vacuuming in high heels ('cause I did say I was going to try)
Organizing the sewing/craft area and the dining room
Organizing the laundry room and purging unneeded clothes

I'm sure Thomas could come up with 100 other things I need to work on, but he won't and that is a big part of why I love him! So, there you have it. The Retro Housewife Challenge is alive and well and improving the quality of life in the Land of Lovings!


kellymac said...

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying you're ahead of most of us!

Re: your Twitter poll, I think I was mostly in maternity pants maybe 4 months in.

Crayl said...

You can only Vacuum in heels if you aren't very tall. I can't do that, hurts my back to stoop even a little.
Kai's hair is adorable!
I am impressed with your progress, it makes me feel like trying harder too.

Amy said...

What a great challenge you have presented yourself with. I completely under stand the whole sleeping thing. Jude is just like his dad, up at 6:30 am everyday, but not the daughter. Thank goodness she's just like me, Anna could sleep forever! As for the dinners, I think I've got that one mastered. I work 50 hours a week outside the home and plan out our meals to a T. Good Luck with this and I look forward to reading your outcomes!

Heather said...

I knew you could do it!!

Baby steps is all it takes.

(Not that I am claiming to be some Domestic Godess--clearly, I am not)

Rock on girlfriend!!

marigold said...

Can you do breakfast burritos for everyone? Make a dozen at once and you're done for the week (or more)? I know, they have eggs, but still...?