Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Friday marked a big day in our family. It was the day of Kai's first haircut.

Well, not her first cut. She had a trim once when she managed to get a rubber band completely tangled in her hair a couple years ago. But, this? This was a real big girl haircut.

Let me first say, Kai has some difficult hair. It is coarse and dry and hard to manage. It is curly beyond belief. But, oh how she loves having "falling down"(long) hair and refused to have it cut. Here's her before pic. Notice the 80s hair band look and the necklaces, bracelets and ring? She's "dressed up" for her big girl trip to the salon!

After a particularly horrible hair brushing experience (in which she became hysterical and nearly threw-up over having the excruciating torture of having her hair brushed) I decided it was time to cut it short. So, we found a local kid's hair salon and headed over for some pampering treatment. The hairdresser was a wonderful woman who knew just what to do with japanesecaucasianpuertoricanblack hair. She conditioned it, cut it, and topped the experience off with some stick-on earrings and fairy dust.

Of course, it cost $22 which seemed like a great price until I realized I don't even pay that for my own hair anymore since I haven't had a real cut in who knows when. But, nonetheless, I thought it was well worth the money to have a good cut and a very happy little girl!

Still, it got me wondering, what do you do about haircuts? And, how much would you pay for a kid's cut?


Heather said...

My boys are cheap. I won't pay much because I can literally do it myself and my husband swears no one could tell a difference. But, alas, they think it's baby-ish to have "Mommy" cut their hair.

Daughter. Well. She is another story all together. She is 15 and all.

This may explain why I haven't had my hair cut in a year...

Katy said...

I always cut the girls' hair. Kayla's is so strait, though, that it shows if I cut it wrong in the least bit. Oh well, I usually get compliments. But I always sit them down after a bath when their hair is really wet. Kayla thinks it's really cool to have her hair cut. I've only cut Kelsey's bangs, and that was a mistake! :o) We live and learn. I would probably pay less than $20 for my kids' hair cut, but if it saves a lot of fuss, $22 isn't bad. Kai looks really cute!!!

P.S. He loves you... said...

Looks GREAT!

Halie said...

I love her new haircut, it is so cute!