Monday, July 7, 2008

The One Car Wonder: Day 21

So, the one car thing has been going really well for us. We've managed to get everywhere we need to get without suffering any major inconveniences.

In fact, (don't say a word, Ryan T.) I actually mentioned to our Bible study that I didn't even really notice that we only had one car. Being the kind souls who keep me accountable, they mentioned that perhaps Thomas was the one busy noticing that we had one car since he was the one taking MARTA. Fine. I stand corrected. Yes, it has been noticed but I promise not in a bad way.

We've noticed a dramatic decrease in gas charges on our bank statement. We've noticed that we managed to pay off an outstanding credit card balance with our proceeds from the sale of the Xterra. We've noticed we've become more efficient. We've noticed that if I am going to be the one driving our only car on a regular basis then we are going to have to get AAA. Why, you ask?

Take a look:
This is what happens when I attempt to back down my driveway while "multitasking." And by multitasking, I mean, dialing my phone, breaking up a fight over whether frosties or chocolate milk are superior, finding Avril Lavigne on the iPod, and, oh yeah, looking out the rearview mirror.

Yes, I am the person who managed to rip a 3 inch tear in her tire's sidewall in HER OWN DRIVEWAY. It was my sequel to last month's flat tire wherein I backed over three 5" screws that had been left somewhere in the driveway. And, everyone knows that sequels have to outdo the first installment.

But, AAA saved the day (thanks, Michael!) and luckily I was still able to pick Thomas up at MARTA on time. Lesson learned today: always have a back-up when relying on one car 'cause you never know when being supermom will leave you stranded.


Kelsey said...

Oh my gosh that mustve hurt haha

Heather said...

I wished that we lived in an area, or if my husband had the kind of job, that could be successful by only having one car.

I am glad to hear you weren't stranded. :)

Nicole T. said...

Leave it up to my hubby! I apologize for him. Ha.