Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's to-do's...

Okay, so a resolution is tres overwhelming to me and I like to think of these things more as to do's.

1. Get back in the gym and get into pre-baby condition. I'll most likely be doing it to prepare for a new baby but still I'll enjoy the body changes while I can.

2. Become a more purposeful person. My goal is to be proactive vs. reactive. I am wanting to make decisions based on who I am and want to be. This will include but not be limited to decisions about: parenting, work, entertainment, clothing, relationships with friends and family.

3. Develop greater patience. Crap, I can't believe I said that one. I've pretty much guaranteed a super stressful New Year. But, I want to be a more patient and calm person. Without medication.

4. Create more MARGIN in everything I do. My scheduling, my finances, my personal obligations. Everything.

5. Blog, blog, blog. Every day at least and I'll even try to make them interesting!

6. I saved the best and most important one for last. It's less of a to do than a must/will do. My goal is to be a better mom. I want to be a good, kind, loving but firm mom. One that is patient in public and when no one is looking. I want to be gentler to my girls, because sometimes in my frustration I forget how little they really are. I am going to be a better mom to them and it is something I am going to wake up EVERY morning resolving to do. I will accomplish this goal even if I don't accomplish any other because I realized something. They are the most amazing and wonderful blessings in my life and if I fail to realize that then they might too. And that would be an unforgivable tragedy on my part...

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