Saturday, January 12, 2008

Party Pager

So ever since my mother passed away I've been telling everyone not to feel too sorry for me because she had a strong faith in Christ, as do I, and that we'll be united again in Heaven. I was thinking about seeing her again in Heaven this evening when it began to dawn on me that she is probably doing all sorts of things there. 

She always loved to sing, and though I don't believe Heaven is a 24 hour choirfest, I believe she's found some time to sing or take in an angelic musical or something. I also thought she'd probably be spending time with her mother who passed away a long time ago. Then it struck me, if she's running around doing all sorts of things when I reach Heaven, how will she know I'd arrived. Granted, I'm not planning on arriving any time soon but the thought grew legs and began to run. What if I get there and no one I know is waiting in the, eh, arrival lobby. I mean how are they going to know when it's my time? Sure they can probably look in on me down here from time to time, but if you're in Heaven do you really wanna watch earth 24/7 to see if a loved one is about to make the journey?

Well, what if you just knew when someone got there? That would be way too many to keep up with plus it's kind of bordering on the whole omniscient thing and I think God has a monopoly on that. Well, what if an angel would fly over and tell you when someone entered eternity? That's a lot of work when I'm sure they have better things to do then let you know when specific people have arrived. Plus they'd have to keep up with anyone you thought you'd like to see Heaven-bound. I think they have better things to do, don't you?

So, what if you could get a pager for specific people? As soon as they crossed the pearly gates your pager would buzz you so no matter where you're at you could hop the nearest cab on the streets of gold and rush off to meet them. It would be Heaven's Party Pager. "Paging Natalie, your son Thomas has arrived by Jacobs ladder via the Asher Pearl Gate." 

You could have them strung on a cord and where it on your robe. Or have small ones beaded together like a rosary. Maybe they would be small and thin like a credit card so you could just keep them in your wallet. Whatever they look like, my mom must have a bunch of them, and I'm sure a bunch of people had one for her too.

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Jared said...

Jenna you didnt have to take off the cute scarfs! I was giving you a hard time silly!