Thursday, January 10, 2008

Super Easy Scarf

I got really productive while Thomas was in Hawaii. Maybe it was some manic holiday/tragedy survival mode or maybe I just get more done when I'm not totally distracted by his devastating handsomeness... either way I made some really easy scarves and forced Kai to model them for some pictures. My sister, Eryn, makes them for grown-ups but I thought I'd give a kid's version a try. They are really cute and easy to make and in less than an hour you have a new scarf!


Jared said...

those look similar! same as the picture with the head out of the shot;-) anyone??? haha jk its ok its flattery I guess

jen said...
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jen said...

ugh...i tried to leave my own comment and then moderate it and then i deleted it and the rest of the post...darn this internet!