Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Haircut!

Shamefully, I must admit that I just got my hair cut professionally for the first time since I was pregnant with Ivy. Can you believe that? It's pretty terrible. But, I finally bit the bullet and did it. The girl (a friend of Eryn's) was awesome and I will make her my hairdresser for life and am vowing to get haircuts more regularly - just like a real girl! In fact, I'm even considering going out on a limb with some fun color, too. Tatttoos, haircuts, and now possibly color? I'm really walking on the wild side! : )


Erin said...

fabulous! so chic. except I can't do the little ' over the chic, but you know what i mean...ekw

katie p said...

I love it. I'm pushing a year on the last haircut. I sooooo need something new, but I know that is unwise when this hormonal.