Sunday, February 24, 2008

I cut the feet off socks.

Okay, that sounds like some weird confession but it's actually a fun kid's fashion idea.

When Kai was a little younger than Ivy I heard about a cool new product called BabyLegs. They are essentially a long leg warmer for little ones that let them keep their legs warm in onesies or skirts while protecting them from the slippery hazards of socks. I thought they were great and immediately went looking for some. They sold for about $12 a pair and I was going to go right out and snap up a ton of them.

Then I had an epiphany. These were socks with the bottoms cut off. Except they were $12 and I had to buy them online and pay shipping. So, that's when I started cutting the bottoms of socks. We get lots of compliments on them and the girls love them. I end up shopping for cool ladies socks and then cut the feet off so the girls can wear them. They're great because they come in all kinds of cool styles, they're cheap, and they are pretty much one size fits all so the girls can share. (Not to mention they make potty training and diaper changes a cinch!) The ones above were some I got for Kai to wear to her Christmas program. I tend to like them pulled down over the shoes but they look equally cute tucked in like a pair of tights.

Anyways, just thought I'd share the cool idea I stole from the folks at BabyLegs...

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