Thursday, February 28, 2008

I need one of these!

I love the cute shirts over at Swirl Syndicate and I have to say that this one is probably my favorite! The shirts all have lots of fun bi-racial humor (i.e. blender with chocolate and milk and the phrase "I'm swirled") and they are updating their store in March to include a bunch of new designs.

This one probably appeals to me most because I am most often mistaken for a sitter/nanny to my girls. In fact, when Kai first started school the teachers thought I was really very sweet to her for a nanny. They couldn't believe a nanny would love a child she watched so much. Pretty funny, I think. I've never really been offended when people assume I'm a sitter or that they're adopted because I secretly think it's pretty amusing. Why would I really care if someone asks me where they were adopted from since I know they're my girls? Which, incidentally, would be true even if they were adopted so maybe people should refrain from asking "are they adopted or are they yours?" to people - especially in front of the children in question. I know my girls are aware of people when they ask that question.

Still, these shirts would garner some fun reactions and I might have to fork over the $40 ($20 each) for a couple.

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