Sunday, June 15, 2008

10 Reasons Daddy is the bestest dad ever...

(Gotta love the Father's Day shot above. The girls were SO not having any part of family picture time!)

1. He can dress a Barbie like nobody's business.
2. He taught the girls how to Hadouken.
3. He gave up Warcraft just so he could spend more time with all of us.
4. He will spend 5 days creating the perfect faerie village in the backyard just to see his girls smile.
5. He's willing to let his girls dress him up in wigs and hats.
6. He works hard every single day so mommy can stay home and clean the house.
7. He's the best cooker in the family.
8. He loves us no matter what.
9. He likes to cuddle on the couch and watch Hannah Montana.
10. He knows how to kiss boo-boos and make them better almost as good as mommy.

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Heather said...

I love this picture! The boys in my family were just as excited to take a picture with Dad on Father's Day :) One is closing his eyes against the sun and refusing to open them, another one is scowling because Dad won't let him go to play at his cousin's house (mean dad to make him spend Father's Day with him!), and the third is looking just plain exhausted from the effort. And I only took one picture of them!

Oh, and I WISH their dad would do #3 on the list! In fact, I'm going to send him this link right now...

Great blog!