Friday, June 20, 2008

Kai-versations: Theology and Spelling the Kai way

To fully understand this, you must know that Kai thinks the biggest compliment in the world is to tell you that you are "the bomb." It the highest praise she can give and is reserved only for the most important of occasions.

Kai: "Hey Mom, do you know who the two biggest bombs in Heaven are?"

Me, giggling: "No, Kai, who?

Kai: "I'll give you a hint. The first one starts with J - J -J"

Me: "Jesus?"

Kai: "Very good, Mom! Now, the next one starts with H - H - H"

Me, stumped: "Um, I don't know. Who?"

Kai: "H-H-H, God, of course!"

That's my girl. She may never be a spelling bee champ, but you gotta love her heart.


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Rachel said...

aww, I can so hear her saying that. she is so precious!