Monday, June 16, 2008

One Car Wonder: Day One

Okay, so today was the first work day we spent with one car. It's a big change since Tal and I have always had our own cars. But, I'm thinking it's a good change. And here's why:

1. Thomas got to go with me to drop the girls off at preschool. They LOVED that the whole family took them to school.

2. I got my lazy-in-the-morning behind out of bed and dressed EARLY to take Thomas to Marta and it made my day super productive.

3. Thomas was able to get to work on time with a minimal amount of frustration and sweat (from the 1/2 mile walk to Coca-Cola).

4. Thomas is guaranteed to get more exercise this way and he's pretty excited about that.

5. We'll save over $100 this week in gas we'd ordinarily be putting in the Xterra for one week's worth of commuting. That's the best part of all!

I'm sure it isn't going to be easy all the time, but this first day was alot less traumatic than I thought it was going to be. And, I'm excited to see what other hidden benefits we find from being a one-car wonder...

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Jared said...

yahoo! thats awesome guys! (Thomas give me a call if you ever need to get out of there;-)