Monday, June 9, 2008

Object of my Obsession

Remember a couple weeks ago when I mentioned my adoration for salt & pepper shakers? Well, I've collected some cool new ones of late and thought I'd share.

Pardon the photography and the fact that my windowsill needs to be painted (I never noticed that until I was looking at the pics!).

I got these fruit themed ones at two different antique stores. I just love them both. It seems so weird to dispense salt and pepper from something that looks so sweet...

Tal got me these for my birthday. How can you not love any kitchen container sporting a mustache?

My rule is, since this is one of many collecting hobbies, that I don't spend more than $5 for a set and these all came well below that price. I figure it's no worse than drinking Starbucks and a lot less fattening!

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