Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Total Truth Tuesday

Oh, this one might just be as embarrassing as the fact that I am hopelessly addicted to Army Wives on Lifetime. It pretty much guarantees my eternal uncoolness.

My total truth this week is that I LOVE country music. I mean, I looooove it. Listen to it all the time. Cry at the sappy songs. Dance to the "fun" ones. And, generally make a fool of my self while listening to it. In fact, if Thomas came home tonight and said we were going out to a honkey-tonk I'd be in my boots and out the door in under a minute.

But, that won't happen 'cause Thomas is horrified at this development. See, I didn't always love country music. I went through a country phase in high school (complete with cowboy hat and boots) and then it went away. In fact, before Thomas and I were married I was into more punk music. I wore vintage tshirts and old Izod cardigans and cons. I was cool. At least I thought I was.

But, then when I got pregnant with Kai I started "craving" country music. What can I say? Some women have really strange and unhealthy cravings for charcoal and dirt and vodka. I craved country music. And then it just stuck.

And as much as I may like it, I know it just isn't "cool." Which is probably why I turn it to a rock station every single time I go through a drive-thru. I just am not ready to be the mom in the minivan rocking out to Faith Hill. That is just more than I am ready to admit face-to-face with the 18-year-old kid serving me my Chick-Fil-A...

So, what about you? Do you ladies have any musical dirty secrets or guilty pleasures?


Josh Daws said...

Speaking of Army Wives, my bro and I have directed the guy who blew himself up at the end of last season in a few projects. Don't watch the show myself, but I know he was proud of that. You can see him in Reading Time on our site: http://www.dawsbrothers.com/ He's a nice guy.

Kim N said...

311, Sublime, Violent Femmes, and many other punk groups from my teen years. I only listen to them with headphones when I am working out because they energize me.

Once my father-in-law turned on my ipod that was plugged into a speaker and for some reason set it to my workout playlist. I ran up the stairs so fast when I realized what was playing and stumbled through excuses as I switched it to a playlist more appropriate for my kids (and my father-in-law who was a bishop of his church).

marigold said...

I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC! I love guys in cowboy hats. I love country chicks who sing about burning the pictures of their ex's. I don't think there is anything uncool about country music. Really! Swear! I am not ashamed. I love Little Big Town, Josh Turner (gawlly that guy could read me the dictionary and I'd still drool), Kenny Chesney, Rodney Atkins (hello!) oh man, you name it, I've got it on the ipod!