Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Total Truth Tuesday

This one isn't gritty or shocking, in fact it's pretty much as far from gritty as you can get. But it's true nonetheless.

I am a sucker for make-up and pretty girly cosmetics. Despite the fact that I wear a uniform of jeans, tshirts, and flip-flops almost all the time, I LOVE buying lipsticks, blush, nail polish and anything else that smells fruity, looks pretty, or makes my skin brighten.

Couple that with my genetic predisposition to retail and you have - are you ready for it? - my newest endeavor as a Mary Kay lady. Oh, yes, I said it. I'm a Mary Kay lady.

That's my total truth this week. I have recently joined the ranks of direct cosmetics marketing. I like to think of it more like being a Pink Lady 'cause I've always had a minor obsession with Rizzo in Grease. Oooh, if only they had a pink minivan. Then I'd be set.

I know what you're thinking. "But, Jenna, you're - well, you know - you. Did they meet you before they let you become a Mary Kay lady?" I know tattoos and crazy frenzied creative messes are not exactly what comes to mind when you think of Ms. Mary Kay, but even crazy tattooed moms need make-up, right?

At least this crazy frenzied mom does.

So, if I'm the only one in that demographic I guess I'll just be cool with that. Plus, with Kai coming out of school I was in need of one more place not to fit in!

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Lisa said...

Mary Kay does have fantastic makeup. In a total truth of my own... i "sold" mary kay for 2 years. I will only encourage you in your endeavor because I had too many people naysaying me, and when you couple that with a propensity to think the worst in yourself, you can only fail. I think you will do amazingly, you have great charisma and personality, and frankly Mary Kay NEEDS more women who go against the stereotype and show more people what great makeup they really have. They have a very supportive network. And if anything, you can get all the makeup you want for 50% off (or whatever it is now).
Count me in as a buyer.