Monday, June 2, 2008

Does any one know...

what to do with crabapples? I have a bumper crop here and have no idea what on earth I should do with them.

They are currently:

being eaten by squirrels/chipmunks/rabbits
tripping me in the yard
being used as very effective weapons by my children

But, I'd love a more productive use for them. They are super tart so I know you don't really eat them on their own, but what, pray tell, are they good for?


sunnymum said...

I've never thought of doing anything with crabapples. As kids, we used to carve little faces in them and let them dry out. Then add a wooden stick for a body and dress them up like dolls. (I think we learned that in a "pioneer camp")

jen said...

oooh, I LOVE that idea. my girls would so get into that. I'll have to try that tomorrow and post pics of the finished product!

kelsey said...

I love crabapple butter here are some recipes:,1-0,crabapple,FF.html