Sunday, June 29, 2008

Coop! There it is!

Not much has been happening on the chicken project since I last posted. They've been growing, but that's about it.

But, a couple weeks ago our good friend David (who, incidentally, has a totally awesome wife who reads this blog and should really start blogging, too. **Hint, Hint**) came over to build our chicken coop with Thomas so we could get the now grown chickens out of our basement.

And, TA-DA! Here it is. Isn't it nice? The whole project took about 6 hours and $130 to complete. Which isn't bad when you compare that to the cost of the ones on My Pet Chicken. The coop is built around a chicken nesting box my mom found for us for only $30. The back is on hinges and comes off so we can collect the eggs from the back of the coop.

The chickens love it and I can't wait until I get to go out and collect eggs from the backyard!

Here's another pic of our little agricultural project. We've got the garden and the chickens and, well, I suppose that's it for now. Until I convince Tal to let me get a goat! (preeeetttty pleassseee, honey?)


Kelsey said...

Ohh Ahhh How neat!

Lisa said...

I must say.. SUPERIOR workmanship! ;-)
As for the blog... we'll see! We need to talk about that offline ;-)