Saturday, June 14, 2008

Let the torture begin.

This weekend, unless something drastically changes, we are buying a car. And, have I mentioned that I LOATHE car buying?

I hate the haggling and games and the feeling that you're not getting the best deal and there is nothing you can do about it. All that stuff is enough to make me avoid the car buying process for years.

I'm told by those who should know, that this is the time to buy a car. That car dealers want customers so badly that you can gets lots of great incentives when looking for a new vehicle.

While it seems those great incentives are reserved for people who are buying cars that get so-so gas mileage or mid-size sedans and SUVs, I'm sure there are still some deals out there to be had for those of us going the "Mr. Bean car" route. But, since we have about 10 Honda and/or Toyota dealerships within reasonable driving distance that is going to mean lots of hand-shaking and wheeling & dealing. Both things Thomas and I hate.

Not to mention, I am a sucker and cave to pressure way too easily. I am the girl who bought a car I knew I didn't like when I test drove it because I didn't want to upset the salesman. Oh, yes I did. Not my finest moment.

I feel pretty much like a baby for complaining about the opportunity to buy a new car considering only 8% of the world's population have cars (that's another post coming next week) and I know I'm fortunate to be able to do this. I just can't seem to get the ball of dread out of my stomach on this one.

So, bloggy pals, do you have any car buying tips to make this process less painful? Any inside info on how to make this go down smoothly?


Crayl said...

I am sure you are already out there, shaking hands and all that. However...Saturn dealerships have ALWAYS been great. No haggling, no 'let me ask my boss about that price " while they go get a cup of coffee not asking anyone anything.....
Saturn prices are set and written on the car. It's much easier, and they don't use standard commissions so there is less pressure sales. We have bought 5 different cars from them without hassle or problems.(All used)

Anonymous said...

on most car maker website, you can ask the dealership to send you a quote. This is for new cars. You can haggle online simply emailing between dealerships. I did this for my Accord and got a great deal.