Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Awkward Moments Day!

Apparently today is Awkward Moments Day and since I have plenty of those I thought I'd observe this very special holiday by sharing one of my awkward moments. Here you go:

My wonderful, outspoken grandma was commenting on a friend's decision to get married very young. She said matter of factly,

"Well, I sure hope she isn't getting married just to have sex because, let me tell you, sex and Europe were the two biggest let downs of my life."

Awkward...Hilarious, but awkward.

ooh, I have to add one more on Thomas' behalf. This one is so funny.

We had these friends from small group who bought a beautiful newly built home in a neighborhood that was undergoing an economic renaissance (read: the ghetto was getting a make-over by young adventurous people). Thomas' cousins had recently made a similar move into a really bad neighborhood. Same thing. Beautiful new home. Totally ghetto surroundings. Thomas, in his an attempt to reassure our friends said, "Well, it couldn't be any worse than the ghetto my cousins moved into. They had crack dealers and prostitutes on the streets!" The awkward moment came when we went to visit our friends for the first time and realized his cousins lived directly across the street. We ran inside trying to hide from his cousins so our friends wouldn't realize Thomas had said these things about their neighborhood! They eventually found out and stayed our friends anyways, but it definitely made for an awkward moment!

Care to share one of your awkward moments?


Anonymous said...

that is the best awkward moment story EVER. My grandmother used to ask my sister and her then-boyfriend if they were leaving to make whoopee. She claimed that it meant "fun" in her day, but we all knew she was just acting out! Mine? Getting engaged to Andy and sitting down to a family dinner with mom, dad, tara, same grandma and opening my grandmother's engagment gift: a black lace very very tiny slip WITH the accompanying v-string thong. Oh yes. glorious.

jen said...

LOVE THAT STORY! As horrible as it is, I must say, I am looking forward to being old enough to get away with stuff like that! I've been thinking about the making whoopee thing all day, too, and giggling every time!