Sunday, March 16, 2008

I **heart** you North Fulton Regional Hospital

Okay, so I know North Fulton Regional Hospital is not the best hospital in Atlanta. I know there are nicer and more prestigious hospitals around. But, whenever there is an emergency I always go to NFRH for one key reason. They have, hands down, the best patient care I have ever experienced. This last trip to the ER was no exception.

When I went the other day I ended up having to go by myself. And as is typical for my luck, I had to park in what was literally the furthest parking place from the ER entrance. I hobbled bitterly up the HILL in the rain to the entrance and thought this was probably the start of a horrible ER experience. I anticipated long lines, grouchy nurses, shoddy care and just a generally crappy experience. I've never had an experience like this at NFRH but I figured with my luck I would this time.

But I was oh so wrong! Everyone from the desk clerk to the Dr. was super friendly. They brought me back in less than 10 minutes and the Dr. saw me within 5 minutes of my placement in a nice, clean, private room with a TV. Before the first commercial break in the "Real Housewives of Yada Yada" I saw the mobile radiology unit and 30 minutes later I was getting my discharge papers. It all went pretty quickly but not in the "let's rush you out of here because we don't care about you" way. More like the "we totally respect that you have better ways to spend your time" way. And I really appreciated it. But, the icing on the cake came when it was time to go. I had left my crutches at home (because I refused to believe I had broken my foot) and the nurse who wrapped my foot offered to take me in a wheelchair out to my car. When we got outside and he realized it was raining and I was parked so far away, he took my keys and brought my car to the curb for me. He was awesome and it pretty much just topped off the whole experience for me.

I am officially NFRH fan for life.

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