Sunday, March 9, 2008

Movies: we've been a watchin' em...

For some reason it seems like we've seen alot of movies lately. Most of these are DVDs because, well, we don't get out to the theaters all that often with two kids. But still I thought I'd give a quick rundown of the good, the bad, the ugly...

Here goes the list (not necessarily in chronological viewing order).

The Good
1. Michael Clayton - a fantastic movie! Definitely a must rent!
2. Becoming Jane - I (jenna) loved it! it was romantic and devastating and just a wonderful film.
3. 27 Dresses- super fun girlie movie. go see it with some girlfriends!
4. The Other Boleyn Girl - okay, I know what people are saying, but I really enjoyed it.
5. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - a bit long in parts but still a fascinating movie.
6. Death at a Funeral - so freaking funny! Thomas and I both laughed so hard throughout this movie.
7. Stardust- fantastical and fun.
8. The Kingdom - nothing I expected it to be. it was engaging and action packed.
9. Juno - i know, duh! but, i wanted to prove that we do get to see cool movies in the theater every once in a while...

The Bad
1. Pulse - yes, we should have known better. But, for whatever reason, we didn't.
2. Feast of Love - depressing, irritating, and pretty freaking pointless.
3. Jumper - a 2 hour trailer for Jumper 2.
4. Dragon Wars - Thomas' review "uh, it was pretty much crap."
5. Good Luck Chuck - how can the women in this movie ever look their fathers in the face again? if you're not looking for a festival of gratuitous nudity skip this crappy movie. we didn't even make it halfway through.

The Ugly
1. Rambo 4 - if you like watching juiced up senior citizens channeling their roid rage and violently killing members of the international community then this movie is for you. however, if you've graduated from the 7th grade and don't think that stuff is cool anymore, well, then you'll probably want to skip it.


Jared said...

you guys need to review movies! haha I like the one about rambo... that man was a gorilla... with a machine gun..

tal said...

You didn't even see Rambo 4! though your comments aren't entirely inaccurate...