Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Total Truth Tuesday - so totally late...

Geez...I'm really bad at this Total Truth thing. But, anyways, here's this week's truth:

I am horrible at quitting jobs and I have never quit a job in person. Outside the family business, I have held several retail or administrative job. I was even a preschool teacher for a while. And, I have quit every single job via email, voicemail, phone conversation, or letter. I am completely incapable of quitting in person.

It could be because I am, as my dad would say, "backward" or it could be (and most likely is) my irrational fear of confrontation and my inability to stand my ground. I have been talked out of quitting twice and can't seem to stick to my guns when faced with someone who is asking me to reconsider.

Anyway, it's nothing earth shattering but that is my secret. So, that said, what is the craziest way you've quit a job or had to let someone go?

I'll go first. The craziest way I've ever had to let someone go was to call the sheriff and have him remove her from the premises because she had taken over the phone system and was refusing to let customers talk to anyone in the company...

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